What is the proof?

First, it was a plan from the beginning. We see that in the fact that Jesus celebrated Passover and gave the unleavened Passover bread to His disciples and said, "This is My Body. We see that in Isaiah 53 as well.

Second, Jesus Predicted it many times Himself before He ever died. Some try to say Jesus did not die. But they are totally missing the point of God's plan of redemption. Jesus said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." He was talking about the temple of His body. John 2:19-23.

Third: There were many witnesses that testified even in danger. At first the disciples were afraid of those who crucified Jesus. Then they became bold after they knew He had risen. Their amazing boldness along with their willingness to suffer is written clearly in the book of Acts. Read chapters 1-5. To look at one verse, Acts 4:33, "33 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s gracewas so powerfully at work in them all".
Fourth: Those testifying of the resurrection were willing to suffer for that truth because they knew it was true. If it had not been true, then one of the disciples would have revealed the "lie", but they were all consistent in their testimony. This truth has changed history. Read about the amazing testimony of Chuck Colsen as evidence that Jesus rose again.

Fifth: Even His enemies testified that the grave was empty. They paid soldiers to lie and say that His body was stollen by His disciples. This was an excuse to explain why the tomb was empty. So the tomb was empty, but His disciples could not have stollen it. They were too weak and afraid, and in addition, among them, someone would have spilled the beans. 

Look for example at Chris Christie right now. He is having to worry that his former supporters will not betray him over this bridge scandal. Did he know or not? One of his supporters, David Wildstein now is saying he did know about the bridge closing. Why is he spilling the beans? Because he is in trouble himself, and he does not want to suffer for what he did. If the resurrection did not take place, and some of the disciples stole His body, someone would have spilled the beans when they started suffering. But they remained loyal to what they knew for sure.  

Sixth: Look at the example of Peter. He was afraid and denied knowing Jesus three times during the time Jesus was suffering. But after Jesus rose and spoke to Peter as the living Christ, Peter knew for sure Jesus was alive. He became very bold. When he was beaten for preaching that Jesus was alive, He rejoiced at the previlege to suffer for His Savior. Acts 5.

Seventh: Jesus changed my life because He did die for my sins, and He did rise from the dead. He is the living Son of God that walks with me day by day. 
Eight, (The Movie A Case For Christ - gives the amazing true story of the Life of Lee Stroble) the Manuscript Evidence and archeology supporting the New Testament is astounding compared to any other book of that time. Sir William Ramsey, a Scottish archeologist set out to prove the Bible wrong. He thought at one point Luke's writtings were wrong. ut his findings eventually convinced him that he was wrong. The writings of Luke that he thought was wrong, proved to be right. So he re-evaluated the issue of the Bible and accepted it as authentic. 

See youtube: The Bible and Sir William Ramsay

See Movie: A Case For Christ

 Josh McDowell is famous for being an agnostic that set out to disprove the Bible, and he came to the same conclusion that Sir William Ramsay came to: He then became a Christian and set out to help people understand the evidence that the Bible is the truth of God.

 Evidence that Demands A Verdict - youtube by Josh McDowell

Ninth: The Bible is the Word of God. One interesting thing that has come out is the Bible shows evidence of being coded, particularly in the Hebrew Torah and Tanak.  Here is a youtube on: The First Bible Code, Beth Resh Aleph. Chuck Missler's youtube is extremely interesting showing that the codes are pointing clearly to Yahweh as the author of the Torah: and another youtube by Chuck Missler on "How we got our Bible" 

 And the amazing reality of the Bible Code is very interesting. You could search for the youtube: The First Bible Code, Beth Resh Aleph, or another youtube is interesting about Genesis 38 having encoded the names of Boaz, Ruth, Obed, Jesse, and David (in chronological order). This anticipated people born 5 generations before and encoded. 

See Youtube: 
Bible Code in Genesis 38

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