There was an old tale called "The Emperor's New Clothes. The new clothes were make believe, but the king thought they were real. So he paraded down the street naked in his fake clothes. Everyone went along with the lie that the clothes were real and did not want to seem stupid by admitting the obvious. Finally a child shouted the truth. The Emperor Has No Clothes - 

Evolution (amoeba to man) is a naked lie with no real clothes. Many educated people go along with the lie because they don't want to seem stupid due to peer pressure. But It is obvious that there is a creator = a designer of dna and life which if far too complex to have happened by random chances. Any child can see and announce the obvious truth- God created life - You Have Purpose - You are not a random accident. At the same time, you are accountable to God, Who is the Almighty Judge. The fool has said in his heart, "there is no god", corrupt are they and have done abominable iniquity. 

Psalm 53:1

You Were Born      -     IT WAS A PLAN

-It Was God's Plan

You are not a Random, Meaningless Accident! 

​You were Created by God for His Glory!

Are you Missng it? 

Jesus can change your life as He did mine.

I remember one day I cursed at my friend just to laugh at her. She was trying to tell me about God, and she was telling me it was a sin to curse. So I cursed to laugh at her. I was very young, but I was sinning in rebellion against God's holiness.

My ealiest memory of church as a child was being put into a Sunday class where I did not know the other kids. It made me cry. I gave the teachers a head ache. Until I was 8, I went to church about once a year (on Easter).

My dad had met a pastor who had given him this verse, "what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lost his own soul". The pastor invited my dad to church, and we began to go twice a month.

At that time, i remember the pastor inviting the people to receive Jesus in a personal way to save them from their sins. Even at 8, I felt a need, and I felt guilty that I was resisting the call of Christ to give Him my heart. I would hold on to the pew at invitation time, and leave knowing that I had not responded to Christ.

My parents later moved to another church (where the girl I had cursed also went). I heard the preaching again, and felt a need to respond. I did walk down the isle and sat on the pew at 9 years old, but I did not call personally out to Jesus to save me.

I was "baptized" then, but no one explained personally to me how to pray. Later, I feared hell when I thought about death. I felt a deep desire to be sure that I had been saved and forgiven of my sin. I was still in doubt.

I struggled without peace for many months. Finally, I walked down the isle again and told the pastor that I wanted to accept Christ as my Savior. He sat me down on the pew, but did not show me how to pray again.

This time, I sat down and began on my own to talk to Jesus in my heart. I said,

"Jesus, I don't understand everything, but I know I have sin and I am asking You to save me. Please forgive me. And from this day, I am trusting You because You died for me. I believe."

At that time, I clearly placed my personal faith in Jesus, and I was forgiven and accepted into the family of God. I was adopted by God's grace to be His child.


As a young person, I was drawn to two stories in the Bible. The first was the story shown in the movie: "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston, the other was the story of Jesus taking taking the unleavened bread and saying, "This is My body". Those two stories went over and over again in my mind. I was later amazed to understand that these two stories are intricatly connected to each other. "The Ten Commandments" represents the Passover celebration of Moses taking the blood of the Lamb and putting it on the door post as well as eating the unleavened bread. And 1400 years later Jesus would celebrate Passover with His disciples as He gave them the Passover bread saying, "This is My body". Jesus died on Passover because it was God's plan that He would be the sacrifice Lamb - the Savior - by dying for our sins. This would set us free to worship God and know Him in a personal way. God is in control of history. It will unfold according to His plan. 




You need Jesus to give new life to your dead spirit. He does that when you trust Him to forgive you. He paid the penalty for your sins on the cross. It was like if you broke out the window of my car, but you had nothing to pay. Then my son came and offered to pay for you so that you could be free from that penalty. When Jesus forgives and saves any person, He sends His Holy Spirit to live in that persons life. He then brings the dead spirit to a new life. That causes any person to love God and hunger for God. A sign of life is hunger. When a person is alive spiritually, they hunger for God in spirit and truth. In John 3 Jesus said, "You must be born again". This is what He was talking about. Jesus was your substitute. He was called the "Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world". The lamb would die as a sacrifice or a substitute. Abraham offered his son, but a lamb died as a substitute for the son. You need a substitute to die for you. And there is only One possible substitute for you. No one can take your sins except Jesus. He was born without sin. He lived without sin. He died to be punished for your sin. He will become your substitute if you will repent and believe. For those who refuse Him until the end, He will reject them. There is a living and true God that created all things. He made man special to have an eternal spirit. In the Words of Genesis One, "God made man in His own image". Mankind was made to Worship God and walk with God. He was made to have an eternal spirit like God that will live forever. No one can cease to exist. Man was made to live forever in the image of God. Originally mankind had beautiful peace with God. But when the first man sinned against God, his living spirit died. That means that he was separated from peace with God. The price for sin was death. If God left us in that condition, we would be eternally existing separated from Him. That is what the Bible calls "hell". Yet God made a plan to send His only Son to leave heaven and come to earth. Jesus is the eternal Son of God. He was born from a virgin in order to become a man without sin on this earth. He was Son of God and Son of Man. He was born different from any man in order to become your substitute. He came to die in your place. He was alive in the spirit. He had right to fellowship with the Father. You had to die. When He suffered and died, it was to give you His righteousness. He takes your sin and gives you His righteousness. And that is the only way God can ever accept you into His  Kingdom. When you call upon Jesus in faith, believing that He is the Son of God Who can save you, then your sins will be forgiven. Jesus said,after He rose from the dead, "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, be zealous therefore, and repent. Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any one hears My voice,and opens the door, I will come into him and dine with him and he with Me." Revelation 3:19-20. Ask Jesus to save you. Ask Him to send His spirit into your heart. He loves you and paid your penalty. Just as He rose again, He will give you new life. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead will also raise you up to a new life. Then you will have peace with God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The same power that was at work in raising Jesus from the dead is working in believers to help them to grow. All things work together for good.

For Christian Growth, we seek to encourage all Christians to read the Bible every day. The best website for that is:


Jesus rose from the dead and proved that His death was God's plan to save us from our sins.

Jesus Rose From the Dead - And He can save you for sure! This is God's Master Plan of Salvation! 


Jesus Rose from the dead about 1975 years ago. Before Jesus died, He celebrated Passover with His disciples. He took the unleavened bread of Passover and said, "This is My Body". It was a plan that Jesus would die on Passover. He came to be the true Passover Lamb. Just was it was a plan that He would die to save us, Jesus' Resurrection is a fact of history. What is the proof? Read to the end. He had predicted that He would die and rise again. That is recorded many times in the New Testament (such as in John 2:21 and Matthew 16:21-25). It is recorded by many different witnesses. The Jewish Scriptures in their Holy Book (they call the Tanak) gives very clear indication that One would die for the sins of the people - see Isaiah 53. This was written over 750 years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem. It was preserved by the Jewish community and not by Christians. It was not changed. The Jewish religious leaders have many problems trying to explain away this prophecy. It predicts the work of Jesus over 750 years before He died, “He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities…The Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all”. It clearly points to the work of Jesus on the cross.  The Jews did not change it because it was the Words that Isaiah wrote. This is the truth of God. This was the plan of God. When Jesus walked the earth about 1980 years ago, he was called the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. This is what John the Baptist called him. Why was He called the Lamb of God? It is amazing today that Muslim, Jews, and Christians emphasize the importance of the Lamb. Even the Chinese write the character for righteous with a Lamb on top of self (or "I").  And the character on bottom is a hand holding a knife. So the Lamb is a Sacrifice. Who killed Jesus? It was my sin that caused Him to die, so I could say that I killed Him by my sin. The Muslims do their Haaj and go to Mecca, and it is all about remembering the Lamb that Abraham sacrificed instead of his son. It is also astory in the Bible in Genesis 22 (or the Torah) Every Muslim knows this story,and every Muslim is supposed to go to Mecca once in their lifetime. So the importance of the Lamb is central to their thinking. God has allowed the importance of the Lamb to be preserved in their thinking. The Jews remember the same story of Abraham being called to offer his son with a Ram dying in his place. The Jews remember the blood of the Lamb every Passover. And almost every Jew celebrates Passover (even those who don’t even believe in God). Yet God has made sure that they don’t forget the importance of the Lamb. When Jesus was called the Lamb of God, it was proof that His plan was for Jesus to be the sacrifice that takes away our sins. The bread that Jesus took in the Last Supper was actually Passover Bread. He was celebrating with His disciples the very day that He was arrested, which was the day before He died. He took the Passover Bread and said, “this is My body which is given for you.” Jesus died on Passover because He is the Passover Lamb. It is His blood that we must have over the door of our hearts. The Passover Unleavened Bread represents Jesus' body because He had no sin. He was the only sinnless man to be born and die in this world. He had to be sinnless to pay the penalty for your sin. It was God’s plan to have Jesus die to set us free by the blood of His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. It was not a coincidence that Jesus died on Passover, it was the plan of God. How sad it is that some totally miss what the cross was about. If you understand that it was God’s plan for Him to die for your sins, then it is not hard to understand and believe that He rose from the dead. He lives to impart His life to you. Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Who saves us by His grace when the blood of Jesus washes away our sins. He died once for all to take away sins for ever. When we believe, we are saved by that grace which He abundantly gives to us. Jesus righteousness becomes our righteousness. Our sins, and the penalty for our sins, is transferred to Jesus when we believe. If you have believed and trusted Jesus, then rejoice in His gift to you. When the Jews ate the Passover meal that first night, they had to eat it with shoes on their feet. This was symbolic of their faith that they would actually be free. They were showing that they believed the promise of God to set them free. In the same way, when we call upon Jesus to save us from our sins, we need to believe and know that His promise to save us is true.


When Jesus rose from the dead, He proved it beyond all doubt. (Read to the end for more proof of the resurrection).His resurrection proved that His claim to be the Messiah was true. It proved that He had come to seek and save that which was lost. It proved that He was the Son of God, Who had come to give those who would believe in Him a new life which He called, “ETERNAL LIFE”. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.


It is very interesting that the Jews all over the world celebrate Passover by taking three unleavened "matzos" with special attentian given to the middle one which they give a special name, the afikomen. That middle matzos is broken in the Passover celebration, then it is wrapped and hidden. Before the end of the ceremony, the children go find it and bring it out. You see, that clearly points to Jesus. Passover points to Jesus, not just because of the timing that He died on Passover, but it also points to Jesus in that His body, like the afikomen, was broken (He died). His body was wrapped in buriel cloth, put into a tomb, and He came out in power and glory. He rose again. Just as the afikomen is found and brought out, so Jesus came out of the tomb. Jesus is the Passover Lamb. No question about it. It was a Plan that Jesus would die on Passover. The original Passover story was portrayed in the Movie: "The Ten Commandments", and "The Prince of Egypt". The Jews were slaves in Egypt and Moses led them out. God told them to put the blood of the lamb on the door so the firstborn would not die. That took place about 1400 years before Jesus Died, but it was all planned to point to Jesus, Who would come to set us free by His blood. You see, it is not the blood of a lamb on the door that causes judgement to passover us, it is the blood of Jesus on the door of our hearts that causes judgement to passover us.


There is a living God that created all things. He is loving you right now. He sent His Son to die in your place and pay the penalty for your sin. It really is true!  He is calling you to come humbly to Him and confess your sin directly to Him.  If you will trust in Jesus today, He will forgive all your sin and give you peace and life eternal. Give Jesus your sin, and He will give you His righteousness. Your life will be changed forever. After Jesus rose from the dead, He said, “I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in”. The door is your heart. Don’t keep it locked. With simple trust ask Jesus to save you today and become a child of God by a gift of His grace. Don’t live another empty day outside God’s purpose for your life. Now is the time to repent and come to know God in a personal way. You can experience God’s agape love for you. So believe and receive Christ by asking Him to save you and forgive you. Ask God to send His Spirit to live in your heart. Then be baptized to show your faith.


Evidence that Demands A Verdict - youtube by Josh McDowell




What is the proof?


First, it was a plan from the beginning. We see that in the fact that Jesus celebrated Passover and gave the unleavened Passover bread to His disciples and said, "This is My Body. We see that in Isaiah 53 as well.


Second, Jesus Predicted it many times Himself before He ever died. Some try to say Jesus did not die. But they are totally missing the point of God's plan of redemption. Jesus said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." He was talking about the temple of His body. John 2:19-23.


Third: There were many witnesses that testified. At first the disciples were afraid of those who crucified Jesus. Then they became bold after they knew He had risen. Their amazing boldness along with their willingness to suffer is written clearly in the book of Acts. Read chapters 1-5. To look at one verse, Acts 4:33, "33 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s gracewas so powerfully at work in them all".


Fourth: Those testifying of the resurrection were willing to suffer for that truth because they knew it was true. If it had not been true, then one of the disciples would have revealed the "lie", but they were all consistent in their testimony. This truth has changed history. Read about the amazing testimony of Chuck Colsen as evidence that Jesus rose again.


Fifth: Even His enemies testified that the grave was empty. They paid soldiers to lie and say that His body was stollen by His disciples. This was an excuse to explain why the tomb was empty. So the tomb was empty, but His disciples could not have stollen it. They were too weak and afraid, and in addition, among them, someone would have spilled the beans. 


Look for example at Chris Christie right now. He is having to worry that his former supporters will not betray him over this bridge scandal. Did he know or not? One of his supporters, David Wildstein now is saying he did know about the bridge closing. Why is he spilling the beans? Because he is in trouble himself, and he does not want to suffer for what he did. If the resurrection did not take place, and some of the disciples stole His body, someone would have spilled the beans when they started suffering. But they remained loyal to what they knew for sure. 


Sixth: Look at the example of Peter. He was afraid and denied knowing Jesus three times during the time Jesus was suffering. But after Jesus rose and spoke to Peter as the living Christ, Peter knew for sure Jesus was alive. He became very bold. When he was beaten for preaching that Jesus was alive, He rejoiced at the previlege to suffer for His Savior. Acts 5.


Seventh: Jesus changed my life because He did die for my sins, and He did rise from the dead. He is the living Son of God that walks with me day by day. 


Eight, the Manuscript Evidence and archeology supporting the New Testament is astounding compared to any other book of that time. Sir William Ramsey, a Scottish archeologist set out to prove the Bible wrong. He thought at one point Luke's writtings were wrong. But his findings eventually convinced him that he was wrong. The writings of Luke that he thought was wrong, proved to be right. So he re-evaluated the issue of the Bible and accepted it as authentic. See youtube: The Bible and Sir William Ramsay


Josh McDowell is famous for being an agnostic that set out to disprove the Bible, and he came to the same conclusion that Sir William Ramsay came to: He then became a Christian and set out to help people understand the evidence that the Bible is the truth of God.


Evidence that Demands A Verdict - youtube by Josh McDowell


Ninth: The Bible is the Word of God. One interesting thing that has come out is the Bible shows evidence of being coded, particularly in the Hebrew Torah and Tanak.  Here is a youtube on: The First Bible Code, Beth Resh Aleph. Chuck Missler's youtube is extremely interesting showing that the codes are pointing clearly to Yahweh as the author of the Torah: and another youtube by Chuck Missler on "How we got our Bible" 


And the amazing reality of the Bible Code is very interesting. You could search for the youtube: The First Bible Code, Beth Resh Aleph, or another youtube is interesting about Genesis 38 having encoded the names of Boaz, Ruth, Obed, Jesse, and David (in chronological order). This anticipated people born 5 generations before and encoded. 


See Youtube: 

Bible Code in Genesis 38


The Meaning of Water Baptism - IT SHOWS THE DEATH OF CHRIST AND THE RESURRECTION OF CHRIST. When a person is baptized they are showing faith in Jesus' work in dying for their sins and being raised. 



Acts 2:38 says, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ…”


Colossians 2:12 says, “Buried with Him in baptism and raised with Him through faith in the power of God, Who raised Him from the dead.


Water baptism is an outward symbol of what Jesus does in a person’s heart. It shows death and resurrection.


In our church, we only baptize those who accept Jesus’ blood to wash away their sins and express a personal desire to be committed to Christ. When we accept Jesus in a personal way with understanding, our dead spirit comes to a new life.  We find an eternal relationship with God by grace. We call this being “born again”. Baptism is an outward showing of what God does in the heart. It does not save us. It symbolized our faith. We do not baptize babies because they can’t believe. We baptize by putting a person completely under water to symbolize death and resurrection. It symbolized the person’s faith that Jesus died for their sins and rose from the dead. It also symbolized the person’s death to their old life and old way of thinking, and it symbolized the person being raised up by the power of the gospel to have a new life.




Manuscript Evidence for the Bible


The Bible is Reliable by GTY (John McAuthor audio files Grace to You)


Is the Bible Reliable? (Focus on the Family)


Testimony of Sir William M Ramsay (former doubter found so much detailed archeologically accurate details in the book of Acts that he became a firm believer and New Testament Scholar)


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